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Tributes to Lois Koyama

FROM Dr. Limuel Equina. Executive Director, Association for Theological Education in South East Asia

ATESEA sends its condolences to the Koyama family. Dr. and Mrs. Koyama's involvement in ATESEA's mission of promoting Asian theologies and quality theological education in Asia will be treasured.


FROM Rev. Dr. Huang, Po Ho, Vice President,, Chang Jung Christian University, Taiwan

With deep sorrow to hear the sad news. Our prayers for the family and hoping that the contributions of Dr. and Mrs. Koyama be remembered and carried to the generations to come.


FROM Dr. Greer Anne Wenh-In Ng, Honorary Trustee, FTESEA

This is indeed the end of an era. The whole theological world has benefitted so immeasurably (not to say been challenged) by Dr.Koyama's contributions. Those of us who have not had the privilege of knowing Lois as well as Ko himself realize that without her his life and output would not have been half as rich. During Holy Week and as Easter approaches in 2011, we at FTESEA are united in mourning, but also in celebration of a life of faith well lived


FROM Rev. Stanley Murray, American Baptist Churches, USA, FTESEA Board alternate

In complete agreement with Wenh-In, we have all benefited beyond measure from Koyama sensei's presence and interaction in our lives. I know personally what a supportive and loving spouse can do for a person and I am sure Lois provided that same kind of support for Koyama sensei. Beside FTE Board meetings, I was privileged to accompany him and several other FTE Board members on a "once-in-a-lifetime" (for me, at least) trip to China a number of years ago. Koyama sensei humored me by speaking in Japanese in many of our conversations. What a resource of information, wisdom, and grace he was! He is surely one about whom I can say, "I am a better person for having known him!" I wish I would have had the joy of meeting Lois too!


FROM The Rev. Dr. Winfred Vergara , Missioner for Asiamerica Ministry, The Episcopal Church Center, FTESEA Board alternate

The "Theology of Kosuke Koyama" was the subject of my M. Theol. thesis when I was at SEAGST Singapore (with Dr. Yeo Choo Lak and Bishop Emerito Nakpil as my advisers). Lois is Koyama's inspiration and vice-versa so on the other hand, they will be reunited in heaven. May they both rest in peace and may light eternal shine upon them.

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